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    Thank u for u r comment. -K.Sakthidasan
  • Dear,
    I would like to share My opinions with u regarding u r problem. Firstly, as swami Sita chaitanya correctly told there are so many causes for vertigo.But from u r Doctor's statement I can guess to some extent the probable cause should be a High blood pressure-Hypertension.(Fluid retention in the body will up u r Blood pressure). My humble advice is that u need a thorough investigation to find out the root cause of water retention in u r body. Accordingly, u can either take medical treatment or do appropriate Asanas under the guidance of a qualified Yoga teacher.

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    Kanagasundaram sakthidasan
    • That's a good answer with some good ideas Kanagasundaram Sakthidasan. I'm not a Swami, just Brahmacharini.
  • I think the best thing is for you to find a yoga teacher in your area that you can work with live. Then when you have these issues they can guide you to the postures that will help and not make it worse. The nice thing about yoga is that to some degree you can customize your personal practice a lot for problems such as yours. I can't guarantee that yoga will help you, but I know that yoga can cure or alleviate symptoms of a lot of different things. Where do you live? Do you know of a teacher or yoga center in your area?
  • I have had vertigo problem for 4 years. SInce problem started I have been doing different exercises but I recently started to do yoga. I am a beginner and want to learn right positions for me. Can you help me.
  • Yay for your yoga practice!
    You might be able to solve the problem with yoga but it depends what the problem is. Did you have the vertigo before you started to do yoga? Or during yoga practice? Did you tell your doctor about it? Do you know what was the cause of the vertigo?
  • Are you experiencing vertigo while doing yoga? Or at other times as well and you are looking for yoga to help cure it? The reason I ask is there can be many causes for vertigo, from simple things like water in the ear to more serious illnesses that should be checked by a doctor.

    A couple times I had vertigo while in headstand. It was temporary and usually after flying and/or being dehydrated.
    • Hi! Thanks for repling.I just started to yoga practicing as a beginner. Doctor told me that my body retain water and suggested doing exercises, diets and avoid consuming salt. I have experienced vertigo 4 badly times thats why I wonder If I can solve the problem with yoga.
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