Here is an interesting article asking the question whether food and shelter are prerequisites to leading a spiritual life.  Several facebook friends replied, What do you think?

Kelley: For long term spiritual development there has to be long periods of basic necessities in place. A person can go without for a while and still maintain a spiritual life to a point, but focus and ability to adapt the outer life to the inner is eroded with the demise of physical and mental function.

Vikram: In the old days spiritual people were taken care of by the people - you could walk into a village and were given shelter and food. There was respect for the spiritual people as for the artists and artisans.
There is an old saying in India -... the Guest is God. This belief stems from the core belief in yoga that everbody has the same soul stuff. Namaste.
Faith is the key - when you leave the fruits of your action over which you have no control anyway and focus on the action, then faith provides. Act you must. Bhagavd Gita.
It is a question of Faith and the awareness of your own Action. For through your own Action you work your Karma. Done with Faith, the fruits are always what you need - not what you may desire as desire clouds your mind and your action.
The second point is more important, are there are prerequisites for a spiritual life and what is a spiritual life ? what is spirituality ?
For this question would then lead to the point that there are those who can be spiritual and those who cant.
We tend to discriminate, make distinctions and create separation ... the evolution of the I from the one. The play of Maya.

Mei: at the same time, dont u think spirituality is about overcoming and transcending human suffering? if the spiritual aspirant is able to overcome the toughest of living conditions, then he would have attained a certain degree of spirituality. after all nothing that is ever worth having is easily attained

Krittika: human beings need regular intake of nutrition to ensure that their mind and body function optimally therefore a balanced diet provides all essential nutrients that we need to keep us alive and healthy.

Ekodas: Yes. Spiritual life without food and shelter is living 'half' life;life of penance and suffering mistaken for 'spiritual life'.

Lau: in my opinion, everything required cash, food and shelter

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