Asana techniques that cleanse the Chakras ..

Hari Om ! Namaste !!


Can any teacher suggest the " Asana / Pranayama techniques that cleanse the Chakras ' in our body...

Chakra wise Asans and Pranayama ? 




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  • It is not so much that chakras are 'dirty' but rather that the prana streams that constitute the  chakras are unbalanced. Rebalancing prana flow could be as simple as employing the physicality of Yoga because if joints are not flexible and muscles are not pliable prana flow is inhibited and thus chakra functioning is impaired. There is also the necessity of moving our attention away from ego, fear, greed, violence, etc because when those self-absorbed modes are functioning we are living in the seven lower chakras below the Muladhara. The activation of those lower chakras impairs the functioning of the next seven chakras. In addition, we need to break our dependence on sense data and linear-thinking and keep moving our attention to higher and higher chakras. Any form of Yoga, meditation, or contemplative prayer is useful for that. Good luck.

  • What makes chakras "dirty" that they need to be cleansed? I just wonder. Thank you.



    • It is stresses that makes chakras dirty so it is very necessary to eliminate all kind of stresses from our nervous system with the help of natural and effortless technique that is Transcendent Meditation please my friend try this.

  • Dear friends for this we have really need a simple,natural and effortless technique that allow our mind( which is the center of all powers ) to go towards ocean of potential called TURYA CHETNA eternal Bliss. I suggest all my dear friends please try Transcendental Meditation and TM sidhi program me for the development of CHAKRAS.




  • BAKTHI YOGA it´s a way ...NAMASTE!!!!

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