Asanas for good sleep

A student asked this question: can you suggest some asanas for a good sleep? Some of our facebook friends gave these answers - do you have any other ideas?
Sidnei: Savasana is perfect for a good start!

Ritu: Surya Namaskar is avery guud onee!!

Sumant: Forward bending asanas relax n soothe you! Backbend exercises pump your energy very much! Go for Yoga Nidra! Fantastic tool!

Vidya: always end ur yoga session with yoga nidra and pranayama with meditaton, u sure will have good sleep!

Prashant: try to listen Naad Dhwani for 5 min b4 sleepn

Saraswati: In bed, read 20 pages or more of any sacred text of your choice (Gita and Bliss Divine by Swami Sivananda) are good choices and then turn off the light and practice self-suggestion Savasana. Make sure you don't eat a few hours before going bed and that you have practiced yoga asanas or gentle exercise and pranayama during the day. Breathe deeply whenever you think about during the day and meditate at least 20 minutes every day. Then you will have a complete yoga practice and eliminate your sleep problems and other problems as well. See More

Praveena: If the mind is chattering away and thats the reason for less sleep then suryanamaskar really helps.Also bhramari helps a lot.

Sarala: I have a suggestion. Iam doing it regularly. Liedown on the bed placing your right hand by your side and left hand palm on your abdomen.Now take a deep breath, hold , count 5 and exhale .Repeat this 3 to 5 times. If possible take a showe...r before going to bed.

Swami Saradananda: Yoga nidra before you go to bed. It relaxes you - and you have a good night's sleep and wake up earlier, feeling more rested!

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  • Suffering from the poor sleep, then yoga will help you in taking the quality sleep at night. The main problem of not getting the proper sleep in by stress and depression. If you try the yoga poses in your daily routine, then it will help you in taking the quality sleep at night. For knowing the asanas which is best for taking the good sleep at night, then take the Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh where you learn the basic principles of yoga. If you start the yoga in your daily routine, then it will relieve from the stress and depression from your body and you can take the sleep at night without any issue. The night sleep play a important role in the next day. If you get the proper sleep at night, then you will stay active and fresh entire next day.

    Here are some asanas for good sleep:

    • Corpse Pose: This yoga pose is must be in your yoga session, because it gives the effective result in taking the sleep. By practicing this yoga pose you have to sleep on the floor and taking the sleep.
    • Downward Facing Dog: If you practice this yoga pose, then it will increase the blood circulation in the body and reduce the stress from the body.. This yoga pose will relieve the tension from the mind by circulating the good amount of blood flow in the head and helps you in taking the quality sleep at night.
    • Child pose: This yoga pose is relaxing yoga pose which helps you in taking the quality sleep at night. Once you started this yoga pose in your daily routine, then it will help you in reducing the stress from your body and also calms your mind which plays a important role in taking the quality sleep at night.
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