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Which asanas to do or not to do for high blood pressure?
One of our Facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies. Do you have anything to add to this?

Jake: keep focus on your breath. Stay slow and relaxed while you practice. An elevated heartrate and chance of negative effects from HBP are more likely when exercise is vigorous and you are breathing heavy. I'm no yoga guru, but I would suggest you focus on quality, not quantity, bringing up the heartrate with a some slower sun salutations first, then keeping the rest of the session at a nice calm pace. Namaste

Risham: yah its right...sun salutation i.e. surya namaskar...but very slowly with proper n normal breathing...and to control the mind n body's functions anulm-vilom (naadi shuddhi) pranayam is best...people find this practice lil boring...but its very very effective for balancing in every function...inner as well as outer......this pranayam is havig no limitations...evry1 can do this...

H Lucy: IN pranayama it is essential that people with high bp do not hold the breath in. It is good to hold out the breath, this is beneficial. calming asanas like supta vajrasan, vajrasan and asanas that are good for the stomach like dhanurasan. focus on whatever mantra you love most. This will help steady your mind with your breath. om

Sita Chaitanya: For high blood pressure you also want to avoid inversions.

Shoumava: Any asana other than inverted ones like sirsana, sarvanganasana,chakrasana etc are good

James: Generally inversions are contraindicated as is vigourous vinyasa but if you are going to do Surya Namaskar and can handle uttanasana and down dog, don't stay in these postures for long and keep the knees soft in uttanasana coming up carefully through utkatasana.

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In the hectic lifestyle people face the issue of health like high blood pressure. For maintaining the blood pressure you can practice the yoga in your daily life. Once you start the yoga in your daily routine, then it will help you in maintaining your health and lower down the blood pressure. By joining the Yoga Teacher Training in India you will learn the deep aspects of yoga.

Here are the yoga poses which is good for the lower down the blood pressure:
1. Downward Facing Dog
2.Hero Pose
3.Dolphin Pose
4.Legs Up the Wall
5.Bridge Pose


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