Asanas to help sweaty palms?

One of our facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies - do you have any other advice besides the following?
any asanas can help for sweating palms ? got difficulties doing yoga when your palms are sweat, not comfortable in daily activities too

Shoumava: all asanas can will help you to relax your nerves and reduce blood pressure as well as hypertension so indirectly you will become a poised and relaxed person and there would be no sweating but if it is a problem of the skin i.e. if you have more sweat glands in your palms it cannot help. it will however take time to get results and so be patient. but there is not any particular asana for it

Paulina: thanks alot Shoumava, yes i must be patient , i hope yoga helps alot, even i m really not comfortable with this sweaty palms in my days, specially when i meet my clients or friends .. where i have to shake hands

Shoumava: confidence is first always carry a cloth to wipe your hands..practice of Yoga will increase your confidence in yourself especially try Simhasana it helps to make you confident and fearless..this is a neurotic problem specially so you need to be very patient Yoga will surely help you but cant expect instantaneous results

Paulina: got it .. anyway do you have any pic of simhasana ? sometimes i dont know name of each poses

Shoumava:  have given it above check it by the way also give a try to Tai Chi good for health

Chetankumar: Hey Paulina,
U have small negligible problem of nervous system,
Marjasana (Cat Pose) help U deal with it.
A bit Tulasana will help ur light of spinal column to reach to your palm unobstructedly .

Paulina: Hey Chetankumar .. thanks alot of your advices, i will focus on it ..thanks

Lucy: How about sarvanasan aka shoulderstand. The name in sanskrit means "all limbs" meaning this asan has the power to balance any problem. If you hold this position for 4 minutes it is equivalent a brisk 4 km walk which is sufficient to activate and balance all glands in the body.

Shoumava: Shavasana also to cool down body temperature and take care of neurotic problems

Paulina: ok i will try it, thanks alot for your advices

Shobhana: Has anyone heard about Sudarshan Kriya?

Akshay: yeah its also good shobhana

Giselle: there are some gloves available............for the palms of the hands only...........fingers are free.......and they are non-slip too

Marha: I use a non-slip yoga mat. I think you can get it at fitness shops.
Shobhana... What's Shudarshan Kriya?

Mei: i have the same problem too

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