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Hi! I learnt basic yoga and regularly practised for 10 months. I couldn t do it for d past 3 months and put on 5 kgs. Suggest a good asana to lose 10 kgs atleast in six months time. Thanks!
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Kavita: Hi, you can begin with paschimatosna, sarvangasana, halaasna, bhujangasana.

Mita: how abt suyranamaskar...daily...aleast it will stop putting on more weight...n help in reducing

Brandon: Active proses also, could turn wight from fat. Too lean muscle!

Poornima: A combo of suryanamaskara, halasana n sarvangasana would help.

Rajesvaran: stop pigging out!

Shweta: sumthing on diet plzz

Chamila: 5 sun solugaions a day should do.. Alsl can increase when you arde comfy with it.

H Lucy: the secret to losing weight is to increase the digestive fire. always just take a little less than your hunger. dhanurasan , paschimottanasan, surya namaskar sarvangasan are amongst the many which will help. Even pranayama will burn away unwanted accumulation in the body when holding out the breath with the three bandhs.

Guru Bala: Continue practising and you will get the desired result !

Regi: Thank you respected Guru ! And friends! Thanks to yoga vidya!

Bela: do syrya namaskar 108 times daily
sorry surya namaskar

Chetankumar: Along with forward bending asanas ....Drink Water at 60-70 deg Celsius (not while excersizing ,or after , or before it),..
If U r fat ......U will loose more than 10kgs in 3 months

Hem: I agree with H Lucy with ref to Pranayama. You need to do Surya bhedana pranayama for at least 20 minutes twice a day + yoga and you can lose 4 kg within two months... Why wait for six months to achieve your goal. :)) If you wish I will send you a list of basic asanas for reducing fat.
Also try to eat right . Get on to a raw food diet. But do it slowly and steadily. (will write to you about that too... tomorrow :))

Ramesh: Buttermilk+Milk+Fruit juice+veg soup+morning jogging for 1kms ...u will loose 2 kgs per month dot sure

Jake: Long steady walks will also help to burn those unwanted kgs. After a warm up, speed walk to bring up the heart rate, then you can bring your pace down to where you are more comfortable. The point is to keep the heart rate up while walking as long as possible. This is the least strenuous way to loose weight. I'm sure you'll meet your goal!

Raj: hallasan and naukasan will do ur work!!

Queenie: Do 20 rounds of surya namaskar twice a day (Mor/Even)... u w'llsee the result.. all the best

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  • Best 5 Yoga For Weight Loss Asanas

    • Triangle Pose
    • Warrior 2 Pose
    • Upward Facing Dog
    • Boat Pose
    • Bow Pose

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    Yoga for Weight Loss: 5 yoga Asanas to Help You Lose Weight
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  • I've just started with Yoga so this has helped me more than you'd think!

    Thank you so much for posting this!

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    1. Plank
    2. Side Plank
    3. Downward Facing Dog
    4. Upward Facing Dog
    5. Sun Salutation
    6. Warrior 2 Pose
    7. Warrior 3 Pose
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