A student had this question: What adjustments should I make to avoid lower back pain after a standing “forward fold”? Our facebook friends had some answers - do you have any advice to share?

Ananya: natarajasana, bhujangasana

Nitin: Suryanamaskar,one must know how to sit properly,yoga is good in this case, there is many ayurvedic medicine also

Shirley: Remain in Shavasana for few minutes.

Hem: By 'adjustments' do you mean - in the pose itself or counter pose for padahastasana? If it is counter pose then - ardhachakrasana or any other twisting asana is good... Best way to avoid back pain is to focus, check alignment, and bend from the waist while going into the asana and keeping the back relaxed in the final stage... KNOW your limitation and go SLOW...

Eileen: to avoid pain in any forward fold, standing or sitting, bend your knees and focus on pressing tummy to thighs and drawing the chest forward...

Mei: it's strange that anyone should feel backpain after forward fold becos forward fold is suppose to help ease back pain and is usually the counter-pose to backbends. 

i have observed that many if not most people when in forward fold, are obses...sed about getting their forehead to touch their knees / shins, thereby rounding the spine.

Instead of this, a better practice would be to fold forwards from the hips, lowering the tummy towards the thighs first, followed by the chest towards the knees, with the eyes softly gazing at a point just beyond th toes. by doing this, there would be a lengthening of the spine instead of rounding the spine.

William: For those of us who do experience back pain during or after forward fold, view pain as communication from your body urging you to modify. So, as you bend forward at the hips and extend the spine, soften the knees, allowing the knees to bend... as you bend forward until the chest contacts your thighs. From here let your hands reach toward the floor or rest on your legs. Lift your hips, continue to extend the spine. Allow your legs to straighten as far as you can and still keep chest to thighs, and not letting your back round. You may or may not be able to touch the floor. Give it time. 
After an old disc injury, I was unable to touch the floor with out pain. After 4 years of yoga, I can now touch the floor most days.

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