Ayurvedic herbs for knee injuries

Some one has suggested me Ashwagandha/Bala oil for Knee Joint Injury recovery, Can any one suggest the credibility, is it OK to use for Knee Recovery. One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several replies - what would you advise? Komal: you need to ask an ayurvedic specialist /naturopath doc.. ashwagandha oil is good but depends on what sort of pains you have .. narayani tailam is also a very good muscle toner and good for joint aches.. kerala ayurveda is making an amazing oil called myaxyl for muscles pains, minor sprains and back pains retc that is also good.... but ask your doctor first.. Sita Chaitanya: You need to know your dosha - vata, pitta or kapha - to know the best ayurvedic treatments. Komal: thats why i mentioned again and again about checking with a doc.. always while using oils specific for ailments its always better to know the body doshic balances/imbalances then the oils would be specific and work better as ayurveda is an individual diagnosis based on body dosha's.. Gregg: Your knee hurts because the joint does not work properly. Until you get the knee to work properly, no oil is going to fix your problem. Knees are about Stability. Have a knowledgeable person look at your feet that is usually what is causing the problem. Judy: you have to strengthen your muscles that support the knee joints. Harte: Yes I have to strengthen my muscles? Can Reiki cure it?

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