Ayurvedic medicine to reduce FAT

One of our facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies - do you have any other advice besides the following?
Is there any Ayurvedic medicine to reduce FAT...

Shoumava: there are preparations go to a ayurvedic physician, medicine will act only when you follow rules and they include eating non fatty non oily food etc

Dana: They are working on a new drug that is better than the HGC and it's heathy. It hasn't been approved but should be next year and the Dr.s release it. I don't know the name of it but like any you still need to work out a little.

Becky: Not to mention continuing to exercise. Diet alone will only go so far.

Deanna Galkin-Doran A general recommendation is Triphala-Guggalu which is generally available from Ayurvedic retailers - such as Banyan Botanicals.

Nitin: There is many guggulu use only "shudh guggulu" and 1tea spoonfull honey with warm water and controll diet
Eat 2 "lahsun" daily in d morning without eating anything with bit warm water.

Vineshnee: What is lahsun?

Nitin: Garlic

Natasha: reduce fat ?? depends on whether fat is hereditary or just plain junk food and lack of exercise .
Walk off those calories along with the yoga and get off the meats .
this ayurveda stuff for normal health and artificial stimulations is not a good idea unless you are in critical condition or as a last resort treat ment .

Suresh: Drinking a half glass of pure lime juice mixed with one spoon pure natural honey and tiny bit termaric powder ( haldi ) every morning helps reducing wieght. Also try to restore the Enzymes by eating twice a day only. Avoid chewingam cos it confuses the diegestive system. OM

Shoumava: Sounds complicated

Harte: i m in a critical condition? Help me

Sita: Even with all the benefits that yoga and ayurveda can give you there is no magic pill or cure. You will have to do hard work. All the advice in the world will do nothing if you don't make the effort to apply it.

Kester: The popular adage: "You are what you eat!" holds true.
But apart from eating habbits, your general life style also counts.
In addition to Yoga asanas, try taking enough water and vegies regularly...yeah!

Ramesh: nature says:burn calories by serving the fellow contrymen otherwise i will give u more fat which make you real passive and full of diseases.hence your lifespan reduced.
jogging is best to burn calories from top to toe .best time empty stomac...h morning 6 am to 8 am and evening too
also my above friends have already advised is true.apply.play game to burn calories.sweating is important by hard work.
make a team today and start working to enjoy life with enthusiasmSee More

Katerina: Less food and more practice :)

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  • I would like to suggest you few basic tips which are really better than any medicine. Drink glass of water adding few drops of honey. Which is good to reduce your weight.

    Secondly devide your meal in 5-6 parts. Means if you are eating breakfast at 9 am in the morning then have one fruit or cup of milk at 11 am. Then after 2-3 hours take your lunch. Include buttermilkor bowl of curd in lunch along with salads. Then by evening at 4-5 pm while having tea/ coffee eat some biscuits or some healthy snacks like poha, upma cooked in less oil. Ideally you should need to take dinner at 7 or 8 pm. If possible follow this time of dinner. If it is not possible then take light dinner with roti and vegetables. Always avoid to eat chicken, fish, bakery product during night. These are some tips about your diet.

    Remember diet is not skipping of food but it is one of the organised method to eat your daily meal.

  • kapal bhati Pranayam with easily digested food ...drinking lots of water walking 5 kms ....garlic,gguggul, honey ,lemon ,termeric are ayurvedic medicines ..has to be taken in proper doses .and well brain consumes maximum energy...so keep the brain in working mode :)
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