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I have just started the Yoga for beginners video followed by the Yoga for the back but with a warm up at the start. I am practicing everyday and it takes me an hour.

At first my sacral area really did hurt on the floor/mat as it really isn't used to lying on something so hard and it felt bruised. Now, since yesterday, I have started to use a fairly thin cushion underneath that area and it has taken away the pain.

Is this an ok thing to do? I suppose I shouldn't get too used to it for future advancement....

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Hi Jules,

there are different kinds of mats, thin mats and thick mats that are used in yoga.

As i am weighting about 100 kg i purchased an asthanga yoga mat, that is more than 10 mm and its not so soft but a bit of stiff to stand the energy that i bring into it.

Any kind of mat or cushion that helps you with your yoga is ok.

I hope you enjoy your practising and feel the happines that can be created in doing yoga.

Om shanti - Ravidas


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