Be free from desires. Thirst for the knowledge of God. Engage yourself in performing selfless service. The Divine vision and intuition will dawn in you. Worship your father, mother, the teacher and guests as veritable Gods, without regarding them as mere human beings. Pay them due reverence. Serve them with great respect. Do not yield to fatalism. Change your habits. Lead a virtuous life. Eradicate greed and anxiety. Give up vanity. Be devoted to the Lord. The Divine Light will dawn in you. From "Light, Power and Wisdom" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963).

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  • I would like to say here that their should be desires in a human and to get that desires fulfilled one has to do his deeds according to his desires and hence there is a very nice line as " Ikcha bihin manusya pashu tulya" is said in Hindu holy book. meaning without desire a human is just like animal.

    So, desire should, but what kind of and how to full fill them that depends.

    Others as you said above are very nice and very true yet they are social tasks but to interact with God or to want to receive the divine powers you will have to be involved in such functions through which you can definitely get the truth and that is a path of Sadhana.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
    • 1.Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda Jee is Absolutely CORRECT in saying that "their [there] should be desires in a human." Without desires, you will not move even one step....
      2. "Be free from desires" means be free from those desires which prove harmful to your own spiritual progress and welfare of fellow humans/life-forms.
      3. Substitute gross banal harmful human desires with the higher lofty spiritual desires...!
  • I do a simple technique for this. Sit somewhere relaxed in night from where u can see sky. Then get outside of Earth virtually/mentally. Once reaching outside earth look down to Earth. Think about the simplicity of life and about GOD. When we have the inner feeling of what a beautiful life GOD has given us and in this beautiful planet, all my sorrows, worries, hate, greediness, desires vanish. I feel very very relaxed. You can also try this if you like this.

    You can think more on GOD when u are in this relaxed state.
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