Hi friends, I have a question. What are the benefits of Rajas Uddiyana Bandha? Can I use it to increase my lung capacity?? Thanks. This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice? Lucy: When we hold out the breath in these bandhs it is in fact the only time in our life when our lungs get a rest.....the length of duration between the subsequent breath is the key....the extent to which you can completely exhale and the length of the bandh determines how much oxygen we can get in on the the next in breath. remember that if practised before sunrise you get the extra benefit of ozone O3. The aim here of course is to transcend from the physical breath to the subtle breath which of course is infinite..... Claire: Increase the gastric fire. Abdominals and glands are toned, adrenal gland are normalized, alleviates indigestion and abdominal disease. It stimulates the nerves of the solar plexus and manipura chakra, it exercises the diaphragm, massages the heart without strain.. Bela Sharma Bela: Benefits of Uddiyana Bandha There are several benefits of Uddiyana Bandha asana. It removes constipation, invigorates digestion, pressurises the navel plexes and helps to make retention of breath stable. This asana strengthens the abdominal ...muscles and diaphragm and massages abdominal viscera, the solar plexus and the heart and lungs. The Uddiyana Bandha increases gastric fire; improves digestion, assimilation, and elimination; and purifies the digestive tract of toxins. It also stimulates blood circulation in the abdomen and blood flow to the brain. Practicing this asana stimulates and lifts the energy of the lower belly (apana vayu), to unite it with the energies localized in the navel (samana vayu) and heart (prana vayu). Sita Chaitanya: To increase lung capacity, take deep breaths on the fish, matsyansana. Also, gradually increasing the length of retentions during pranayama, never going beyond your capacity. You want to increase slow and steady. Anupam: nice thread

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