Hello friends! Uddiyana Bandha can make full breathing more efficient??? Thanks!This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice? Suresh: Yeas Indeed.. this bandha helps to increase the full capacity of lungs as well as blood circulation system... as long as done properly.. Bobby: Really a chakra opener as well Ian: Wow!!! Thanks friends! I've tried to practice Nauli, but I still have some difficulty.

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  • yes, Uddiyana Bandha makes full breathing more efficient. you can also know about another asana on our website yoga teacher training in India.

  • Especially in times of stress and confusion, interest in sex-related matters decreases.

    Utiyana Asana helps them to recover from it. The face of those who are continuing the seat will be very Bright.
    I got this Information from: IBC Tamil Physical Health

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