• Yes, yoga will help in improving the hip pain in easy way. Yoga is good for the overall health and also improve the fitness of the body. If you facing the issue of for very long time, then yoga is a natural therapy for you to reduce the pain of hip joint and improve the pan for long term. Regular practice of yoga will help you in improving the hip pain easily and you will get the positive results by practicing the yoga.

    Here are yoga poses which help you in improving the hip pain:

    • Revolved Low Lunge Pose
    • Pigeon Pose
    • Bound angle pose
    • Head to Knee pose
    • Half Hero Pose
    • Knocked Knees
    • Reclining eagle Pose
    • Happy Baby pose
  • Beverly Richard-Roy had asked this question. Some hints re. this:
    - Gentle stretching is very good, forward bend, side splits, gentle butterfly (you can find all this in earlier posts here). Getting more mobility will help the hips to regenerate. Important: Gentle, slow stretch, do not go forward and backward
    - Strengthen the the muscles in legs and buttocks: Vira Bhadrasana, Shalabhasana are excellent for this
    - Send healing energy into the hips: Breath deeply and imagine energy flow to the hips
    - gentle movements can be helpful, live Pavana Muktasana or other Yoga exercises for the joints. See - the Video is in German, but the visuals can be seen by everybody

    Of course, concrete advice depends on the concrete problem. And best is to get the advice of a qualified yoga therapist. But I have had numerous Yoga students who had severe forms of hip pain and were able to cure this through Yoga.
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