• go to before you think about Dairy. Siddha Medicine in South India say Milk until age 6, then some products only after that like Curd, ghee. The cows in India are chemical free. Your body will take on any growth hormones or chemicals injected into the cow. Swami Vishnu thought that the greater amount of people that were "Gay" were because their hormones were affected by milk. 1984 in an ATTC lecture Swamiji argues with a student who thought these people were being born because of their karma. He last comment was we didn't see this 50 years ago. At that time in 1984 people were dying of AIDS. They would come up to Him or the Ashram looking for health. The Hare Krishna's use alot of milk. They are fully aware of the hazards of milk and do the best to get the best. But over all this is that Krishna likes Milk sweets and they will honor that. My body does not like milk of any kind but I love a Pizza or any Hare Krishna prasadam. I deal with it. When I was living in India we got fresh Cow's milk daily and they brought it up in 2 Whiskey Bottles ! Swami Vishnu said that Goats eat all the herbs closer to the ground so there are alot of healing properties in that milk. The cow is the "Mother" in India. When using ghee let it age like wine to get a better result. Farmers 100 years ago would milk a cow and leave some milk on the warm stove over night and they made milk products from that. It was called "Clabber." The body likes items that are fermented it helps us produce what we need to live. Rice products at the Siddha Medicine Clinic had foodstuffs that were fermented. Their Medicine is 17,000 years old. Swami Vishnu wanted those Siddha doctors to come to the West but they wouldn't. Karma is created with everything we eat. The Srimad Bhagavatam (parapharsed) states in nature that everything is food for something else. You can't avoid it. People in India take a vow to feed a million creatures and they go out and spread sugar (food) on the ground every morning. Gregg/Gopal means friend of the Cows ! Laughing. Peace Out.
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