could someone please let me know the difference between the ashtanga yoga style of surya namashkar and the vinyasa style.... This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice? Malini: as far as i know, ashtanga yoga is fast paced and breath based and means 8 limbs, is very physically tuf and demands lot of stamina-founded by Jois someone.. .. vinyasa is where yoga is personalized to suit each students requirement..vinyasa also means flow from one pose to another.. this is how much i know..

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  • I am unsure of the various names and styles of yoga school suryanamaskar. I only know traditional and non traditional. traditional has twelve postures and is meant to activate the chakras and shushumna as well as exercise the body. other forms are mainly just for exercise or activate only a few chakras. Remember also Surya is a name for the sun so the 12 posture routine is to bring solar energy into the body and 6 chakra system. ecah chakra also has a male and female aspect, therefore 12 aspects total 6*2.
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