Does meditation lead to isolation?

Is there a danger of isolating yourself from your feelings in meditation hence hiding from your challenges/issues in life?"

This question was asked by one of our facebook friends. Here are some replies - do you have any other comments?

Mei: on the contrary i think when you are meditating you are looking at feelings straight on, confronting them and peeling away the layers to find that feelings, either bad or good ones, are just energy.

Mita: i completey agree with mei mei.....its energy......but sometimes....its unwanted energy ....used or not required we try to stop or overcome....n used it for good....

Anusha: When u meditate as u said u forget your challenges and issues in life.. Yes, but you learn that u can find peace and happiness in this world even with so many problems around us. The challenges and issues are just illusions and it keeps coming throughout our life.. You must find happiness and peace to surpass them and solve them.. With a troubled/worried mind nothing can be rectified..

Praveena: When we meditate we heal and come out rejuvenated.Then we can address the challenges and issues of life in a better manner and get better solutions.

Abhi: Sometimes when you're tired, you have to rest.. when you are rested, you have the energy to go back and work again..

PS: The issues dont go away, but their TROUBLING influence on the Mind, Body & Emotions.. gets reduced if not eliminated..

Behtarin: when you meditate, you are absolutly away from the challenges, no need to control the feeling, no need to control the thoughts, you just watch them as they come and go...

Natasha: yes there is a huge danger :

Meditation is just a means to the path . its not the ultimate so meditation is not done by cutting off all influences but of being totally aware of the moment and the surrounding with a clear placid mind . 

One meditates in a rock concert also but its for the seasoned practitioner . Its not just the closing of eyes and perfect posture .the true meditation takes place within the body in the soul which is non tangible . 

taking the above case : thru meditation one is aware of the challenges /issues one has to face at hand but proper meditation gives them a new light and they are then put on equal footing of everything and everyday events and hence mind is very placid ,then ONE finds solutions which come from within the process and not forced upon by thought . Most solutions come from within like instinct a flash of automatic cogence without forceful thinking .

Anil: The danger of isolating ourselves with the feelings happens only if we focus on analyzing or stopping the thoughts & feelings during meditation. In the initial stages of meditation it may seem so but regular practice of meditation by being an observer brings clarity to our thoughts & feelings because of better understanding of their origin & context. In real sense meditation is freedom from attachments to our thoughts & emotions without being isolated from them.

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