Easing Menstrual Cramps

This question was asked by one of our facebook friends:
namaste, does anyone knows, which asanas could be useful to stimulate the woman period arrival? I mean, some times woman suffers several days before the period arrives, is there some asana that stimulates the area so it flows easier? thank you.

There were several answers - do you have any other advice?

Keerthana: apply oil on your tummy !
you will get ALL your answers here http://www.ehow.com/how_4587089_period-faster.html

Tramee: stand in front and face with a wall, put your hand to the wall, make your body be 90'c with the wall...keep proper breath in yoga..exhale and inhale..it can help blood circulation and release period pain ...

Yenny: do butterfly pose and down dog as often as possible. practice kapalabhati pranayama on any day except when you're menstruating. if you have menstrual cramp, do supta virasana (for stomach cram) and child pose (for vaginal cram).i hope this can help. namaste.

Judith: And drink Raspberry tea to promote a healthy uteris :)

Alicia: And use a warm pillow on your belly with some aromatherapy to take away the pains!

Eileen: Any forward fold poses are helpful...

Shammi: Asanas for premenstrual tension such as viprit karni, half halasana, janu sirsasana might help in easing the pain. Practice it before your periods. During periods, forward bending, supta badhakonasana, shavasana can help ease the pain.

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