Om Maha Avatar Babaji!

I have been following this diet for 2 months now, i haver been reading lot of positive and some negative information about this diet.

About this diet:

The lesser the food is processed more natural and has more life energy in it. Example(Watermelon picked from farm and consumed right there gives one optimum life energy/nutrition), no need  to run to farms to feed us, the idea is to minimize the processing of foods in its original form. 

Certain vegetables are diced and sprinkled with lemon/lime juice, here minimum processing(dicing involved, this is to go easy on stomach and to boost the nutrition.  

My typical diet:

Half large watermelon for breakfast, after some time  7-8 dates.
Lunch, 4 pears, 4-5 banana after some time dry figs 5-6
Dinner Dip made of nuts/gram dall, onion,giger,garlic,lemon, and seasonal herbs all fresh, along with cucumber and carrot sticks.
In between when ever i feel hungry i eat mixed nuts(unroasted/unsalted)

My feedback on this diet:

I feel good, positive and much more energy than before

I am able to perform certain complex asanas with ease now

I am meeting more like minded people, positive situations etc., 

At times i feel/have cravings to eat spicy cooked dishes and food when i see them or smell them.

Please post your views on this diet, is there any reference to this type of diet in our ancient scripts?

I do know in Indian culture cow milk is used for poojas, in some places they even slaughter animals to  do pooja/prayer to god.


Om Shanthi!

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  • "Cooked starches are also very fattening. Farmers have even
    learned that it is necessary to feed their animals cooked food to
    fatten them up for maximum profit. Hogs do not get fat on raw
    potatoes, but cooked potatoes make them gain weight.

    In addition to reaching your body's ideal weight, many other
    beauty factors blossom on a raw diet. Cellulite, which is thought
    to result from eating heated fats, gradually disappears with the
    consumption of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and raw fruits
    and vegetables. On a raw diet, improved elimination of cellular
    waste and increased lymphatic drainage help remove cellulite."

    Excerpted from the Live Food Factor, "... arguably the most
    comprehensive book ever written on the raw diet and lifestyle"
    (Get Fresh Magazine, UK).
  • Dear Satheesh,
    I'd like to share some facts regarding Your discussion, first of all I agree with you that eating raw vegetables,fruits & Nuts gives you more energy & vitality. Some vitamins are destroyed when vegetables which contains them cooked deeply. A good example is vitamin c- which is essential for formation of tissues (in repairing process - wound healing etc.) is easily destroyed by cooking & you loose the nutritional value of it.That's why habit of taking dish of salad with meals.secondly while food being processed, some preservatives are added, mostly chemicals,though said to be safe, may harm your body when consumed for long time.
    On the other hand,now a days, even if you take " farm fresh" vegetable & fruits, their natural purity is questionable, for from the beginning they use artificial fertilizers, pesticides - all are harmful chemicals to human & hormonal treatment to flowers in order to get a good yield.Thirdly, when these vegetables are consumed raw , even if you wash them several times with water, they may have been contaminated with bacterias - U see, some bacteria found to be alive in boiling water(100 degree centigrade).In most of acute diarrheal cases the root of infection is through food & water. then you may ask why most people taking raw vegetables are not affected by such diseases, the reason behind is their inherited immunity power of the body which varies from person to person.
    Another interesting point to be noted is now a days most people are suffering from digestive problems & stomach ulcers,one of the main causes of which is a bacteria known as Helicobactor pylori - believed to get access your stomach through foods you take without proper cooking. Regarding your query of vitamin B12 deficiency - this vitamin available only from non stuffs- If you are a pure vegetarian (Not even taking milk also) then you need B12 supplements with your routine menu.But Oats, Barley & Brans contain little amount of B12.
    Ultimately it is up to you whether to take raw vegetables or take them cooked. -
    with regards -K.Sakthidasan
  • I dont have a very active lifestyle so I don't think I'd be able to digest all of that.My cousin(who is into overexercizing and gymming) tells me he has that many bananas.I can totally relate to the heaviness,have had a lot of it. :)

    Yes,its true fruits and vegetables don't have VitaminB12,but dairy products do,like cottage cheese(paneer)and some fish too,but I'm vegetarian so I don't have many options.Although I don't have a regular intake of products that contain VitB12,I don't feel weak or like I'm missing something big.

  • You get the cravings because it has been only two months and that's not a very long time.Its a nice satvic diet,however garlic(i don't know why) does not come under that category. :/ .It has its own benefits so I have not given it up.I too was on a similar diet months ago and I lost most of my weight and as you said "could perform more complex asanas",was much happier and positive,than I am now.But then I had exams,and I cracked up :(

    You should continue with the diet,its got no side effects whatsoever,although I can never imagine eating 5-6 pears and bananas,but then I have a tiny stomach.To each his own :)
    • Namaste!

      I appreciate your view on this, i do know a person who eats 15 bananas at one go. There are athletes who eat just 30 Bananas a day.

      I broke my raw diet sequence with, Puri(Indian bread) with channa masala, evening i got heavy sto mech unable to sleep properly that night next day i got a mild fever. Then went back to normal raw diet after half water watermelon i felt better.

      Now i can feel the real difference. I do read in websites lack of Vit B12 in raw diet, can this be supplemented ?


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