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We hear any word and have an emotional reaction to it. This is because we are conditioned by OUR experiences connected to that word AND the collective emotions that people have towards that word.

As an example, the word "mother" when spoken with deliberation, evokes an emotional energy realignment. Just imagine the power of sounds repeated billions of times, with great collective devotion and over centuries!

These sounds form the heart of Mantras and deeply influence the energy alignment within us.

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Dear Ms Angela Ditch,

The said example is on gross physical material life and I value your understanding on Mantra Science, yet I would like to say that the same way it works on the God/Goddess too and one receives the reaction back as divine knowledge when he/she knows the language of pleasing the God/Goddess they are asking for. Mantra Chanting is the method for not only to compel the God/Goddess to assist us by providing their blessing as divine knowledge but also one of the best ways to Self- Realization as “Tatawamasi”.

With LOVE,
Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda.


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