Here is a question about fasting asked by Konii: "Is there a fasting, non juice routine to follow for 7 days. With tips for when its difficult to stick to. Namaste Konii"

Hana: fasting is process when by not taking any food body is getting rid off toxins .... I have experience with one day fasts when I do'nt take anything else except tea (herbal) and water... there are various fasts taking just water or herbal, fruit juices, fruits or vegetables only... but the less you eat the faster the body is getting rid of the toxins.. I do not recommend full 7 day fast without prior experience as once you don't eat and body is detoxicating one experiences mood swings, irritation, headache, during longer fasts then three days drop in energy level etc etc.. definitely it is not a 'pleasant' experience once you are in it BUT once finished the body feels very light and it's brilliant for increasing the concentration level.. If you are fasting beginner start off with a day per week slowly extend for two days etc etc.. just make sure you drink loads of fluids preferably can safely fasts up to 40 days drinking water only :))

Mita: in jains.....fasting means nothind only boiled water....that is done frm one indival do as any days....they call it as ....tapasya.

Karin: Something you should do with guidance, not on your own - ask your teacher.

Ong: I have not tried a full fasting before but what I'm practising (half day fasting) is not to consume anything till noon time. For a beginner, you can take some form of liquid, ie water. When you have perfected 'the skills' I guess you can go for a full day fasting. It helps once in a while, as I think our body needed this 'natural detoxification' process.

Hem: Slowly as you get used to fasting i.e. you can do it without any changes in emotional/ psychological state... then begins true fasting- that of the mind when you can control your thoughts... release the toxins of the mind. :) Very diffficult to do that. Have to be a Budhha!!

Konii: Thank you u for all your help, Thank u to all who positively gave me reassurance.. Namaste....

Shoumava: there is a good book on fasting from Navneet Publications in India just some 50 bucks and also one from BJain publications please refer the websites or catalogue for more info

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