Here is a good question:

What are some guidelines in both mental and physical feelings for finding a
proper balance between effort and surrender? What do you recommend?

Here are some ideas from our Facebook friends - do you have any other ideas?

Praveena: It is the same difference as in supression and sublimation.A desire for a toy when a child gives up becoz his parents cant afford is supression.But the same child has no desire for it when he grows up, which is sublimation.our desires should not be supressed but sublimated.That requires no effort and becomes surrender.

Hana: I would call effort and surrender as stages of particular process... at first there is a though/desire to practise yoga, meditation or sadhana, followed by effort.. the energy one spends to start and maintain certain practises till the poin...t when one realizes that whatever we strive for in our sadhana i.e. self-realization is by grace of the all mighty anyway at that point the practise becomes effortless and one can surrender himself and fruits of his practise to the god,... Guidelines are hard to suggest as those feelings are very subjective and might vary from person to person... one has to follow his 'gut' feeling ... but how well do we know 'ourselves' to follow 'gut' feeling and not illusion of the mind ;))) that's different question all together....

Abhi: ‎:).. Karma Yog vs Bhakti Yog.. lol.. whichever works for you at the given time... in the end.. "aho niranjano".. "even this is just happening" 

Ever wonder before effort / action comes a do it.. or surrender it... right? PS: WHA...T IS THE SOURCE of that thought? Where does it come from?

Hana: Abhi S... that's actually very interesting question... what happens before the thought per my opinion and I am not saying that I am 100% correct for most of the 'normal' people thought arises in the mind after some sort of outer s...timulation... they see a article in the papers, you see video of a celebrity doing asana, your neighbour do it so why not to try it or you read a book.... thought is an energy of certain wave length, mind is a receptor and creator at the same time according of the state of mind thoughts are created or processed... example one sees a beggar... mind of a wordly persons thinks.. yaak what a dirty person, unkept, poor,etc... mind of loving person says a human being let me give him money, clothes etc, mind of spiritual person sees god... I believe that once one reaches certain level mind starts create less and perceive more 'thoughts' or knowledge from the universe.....sometimes even untrain mind in the state of concentration or certain outer conditions perceive a thought from the 'universal thought bank' ... :))

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