• Eat to support your yoga with healthful, vegetarian food. Find delicious recipes and learn how to apply the yogic principle of ahimsa, or non-harm, to your diet.

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  • Well most yoga people eventually follow the yogic diet, vegetarian but also eating dairy, but not eggs, no onions or garlic, fresh, organic food. Many are vegan. But the important thing is that yoga should not be about giving things up so much as it should feel like a normal progression. Eventually when you do enough yoga you just don't want unhealthy food anymore. And for some people the yoga practice becomes paramount so then "giving up" of foods is not giving up, but a process. Oftentimes trying to make too many changes too fast can be really difficult and jarring for the mind and the body, and can result in stopping altogether.
    Hope this helps. Much success in your yoga journey!

    • lol but i like onions, eugh vegan food, i love my meat (and i am weight lifting so i need it)
      yeah i already don't want certain foods

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