Forward bend

I'm new to yoga and I have been doing the forward bend in my practice however im having trouble bending from my hips rather than my waist. Are there any particular stretches that will help target my lower back and help me bend from my waist? Thankyou

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  • Awesome video! You should do sun salutation it will help you to bend your hips. Try it!

  • While doing yoga exercise remember one forward bend always should be followed by one backward bend.
    Soorya namaskara in full cycle is coming like this.Otherwise one padahasthsana followed by suptha vajrasana or
    aushtrasana this way your exercise become balanced and body become flexible very easily

  • Yoga is a form of exercise, meditation, and restorative breathing. When practiced regularly, it brings unity to the mind, body and spirit.Yoga not only promotes strength and flexibility in growing bodies; it also cultivates a sense of balance and respect for the world around oneself. Put simply, yoga improves behavioral issues as well as overall health.

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  • here is one video which may help you in your foreword bend yoga practice.

  • The seated forward bend can take a very long time to master. The muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hip region are very powerful and it can take a long time to effect change. Also a willingness to let go of emotional issues can speed up the process. The best is to practice often, and to be patient.

  • You shouldn't be bending from the waist anyway. Your problem is lack of flexibility in the back of your legs. Try sitting up straight in Dandasana using your fingertips beside your hips in order to stretch the back upwards. You can start forward bending when this asana is comfortable!

    Namaste Ganga

    • Thankyou for your advice. Yes - that's what I Kent to say - I need to bend from hips not waist!
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