It would be really interesting to know from all the yogis and yoginis how you would define freedom. Your experience and thoughts on what "Freedom means to a Yogi".

How would one define freedom. Of course, freedom means different things to different people and can be defined in thousand different ways.

For me,
Freedom is just letting everything come and go. You can accept everything as it is. There are neither conflicts nor complaints.

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  • I think you can only understand freedom from the perspective of bondage until you reach Samadhi... As in, freedom is Not This.

    Bondage is in the body and the world and it's all you know until you reach the absolute freedom of Samadhi, which can't be described in words.

    Good question.
  • I mean Freedom to a REAL YOGI

    Having control over all kinds of shortcomings and can enjoy both the natures as per his wish, can also move through out the universe with his internal body (Suckcham Sarir) and can remain always in mediate state even having himself involved in all kind of material life.

    “Jamana Humse Hai Jamane Se Hum Nahi” hence (I like this quote)

    Remaining in Sackhibhao like Lord Shiva ”Tasmai Manna Shiva Sankalpastu.”

    -Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
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