• I have had Giardia while hiking in Nepal. Deep in the mountains there was no alternative but to rest drink clean pure water and finally eat plain rice. It took me almost a week. A Tibetan family took me in and gave me some medecine herbs that tasted like any the time I got back to Khatmandu the symptoms were gone and I could resume my travels. Giardia is air born and is often in the dust. while in the big cities wearing a scarf to cover you mouth is there is a lot of dust around is a good precaution.
  • Triphala is such a wonderfull combination of herbs: amalaki, bibitaki, haritaki. It does taste awfull. I use it quite often as generall tonic. it good to know other things i has been succesfully used for.
    • Dear Ania,

      Are you OK now?

      The best Ayurvedic medicine for Giardia is Kutaja and it really work.The main thing is use of pure water for drinking and also avoiding all the Fast and Junk foods.


      Love and blessings.

  • Triphala Ayurvedic Medicine ..It was magick..three times a day but the taste is awful..
  • Could you please tell the method you used to rid giardia, it is quite common to get for those who have been to india and can help those that wan to go.

  • The Backpackers in the USA always filter their water not to get it. the hare Krishnas go to India alot. See what they say, they are experts about India. My idea would be to do alot of alternate nostril breathing to raise your energy up. That will strengthen your immune system. When your immune system functions better it will fry the invader. Also change all the habits you have in your daily life. if you use your left ear to hear your cell phone start using the other ear. Change everything and your brain my discover you have an invader in your body and repel it. Bring fire to your digestive system. The cells in your parts of your digestive tract like the Colon (?) change every week (it is that important!). Honor that and eat everything veggie & organic and nothing out of a can or box. No junk or sweets. Or just eat everything you don't like ...
    • Im all recovered now..Starting work on monday..Tried the alternative medicine and it worked..Interesting must try to do everything in opposite but I will not start eating meat since Ive been a vegeterian for 20 years...
      What about chanting the HARE KRISHNA mantra wrong way round LOL...
  • it has to be expelled out f your body just tell 1 thing do u hav problem of kidney stones
  • dear, i think that you were infected by contaminated water and got giardia ,Giardia is a germ that causes diarrhea, so being a naturopathist i will suggest you to take a day fast with no solid eatables, only 3to6 times water with lemon.ok tell me which part of india you visited? so that i can see Giardia's history there.garlic is very good for Giardia,take 2 pic of fresh garlic with bread.
    • Hello I visited Varanasi thank you for your help.
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