Headache and Headstand

Some of my Yoga students find headstand extremely helpful in curing headstand. Some say it is increasing headache. Do you have any idea in what type of headaches/Yoga students headstand is helpful, in in which not? So far I work on trial and error ...

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  • Headstand is a great posture that flushes the brain with blood and oxygen. It increases the functionality of pineal and pituitary glands. Headache due to cold or flu gets relived to a wide extend with headstand. However, headstand should not be practiced for headache duo to migraine. Students, who are not flexible with headstand (Shirshasana), can opt for Viparita Karani. Whatever is the pose, the students should always practice them under expert supervision, because a wrong attempt not only increases the headache but also brings damage to the neck.

  • A Headache means the person is doing something in their lifestyle that is wrong. The Body is trying to get the attention of the person to adjust something. Alot of people with crooked backs are doing Inversions when they should not be. Swami Vishnu said any Sadhana done it should be pleasureable when you are finished. His recommendation was a couple of rounds 2-3 of Kapabhati & 40-50 rounds of Alt. nostril breathing 2 x a day. Find time and do the best you can. Master Sivananda recommends as a minimun 15 minutes Of Asanas but they must be done everyday and use your mantra while doing the Poses. 52 % of Americans are medicated we know all about headaches. Have those people do down dog but make sure they have shoulders away from their neck and down under their bodies while lifting their Clavicles. Have them do all standing poses with their "Toes" up or pulled back. The ball of the foot is using along with the four corners into the mat. Gregg/Gopal
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