I have a friend ,who suffers from MS. Her condition is getting worst,and her muscles are getting weaker and weaker,so that she sometimes needs help to walk. How can yoga help her?

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  • I would love to do a astrology health reading. I read the 6th house it might show something.
    IN the meantime yoga can help plus a strict diet of kicharee, cooked vegables and triphala with colon fiber to rid toxins. This is a classic cleansing diet. Find someone who can do Reiki (traditional Usui) I need the place and date and time of birth. Ailments can be caused genergally from thre areas: physical body/astral/spiritual. a reading can show what planets might be involved and where how it might manifest. Add some ashwadandha, valerian and guggul herbs to the diet start off with about tsp of each. mixed in with the food once a day then move up with dosage to about 3 tblsns 3xd day .Ashwgandha and guugul strengthens and rebuild s nerve functioning while valerian clears thje nerve channels. Add ghee to the diet too. MS destroy the nervouse system.No pranayam, do strengtening and balancing asanas, no booze, wine, or cirarettes, do chelation therapy or find out if heavy metals are clogging the body, kelp helps rid heavy metals as well as chelation.
    all these are imperaitive to do. Reiki is imperative, as is a counselor to help with emotional psychological issues.
    To help one needs a variety of people with multiple skills and health approaches.
  • Yoga is a system that gives the body what it needs except water, air,food and love: moves.
    Movement is something that every body needs urgently.
    So if you get your friend to do some Yoga it will brighten up her mood and slow down the process of the desease.
    You can do every gentle asana that your friend can do without great effort. I hope you and your friend will enjoy the time of your yoga lessons.
    Eduard Jolmes
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