I have been trying to meditate for a couple years, but I'm still not sure how to tell whether I have really meditated, or whether I'm just relaxed and repeating the mantra. How do you know if you've really meditated? One of our Facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies. Do you have anything to add to this? Natasha: you dont have to try to meditate . It should come naturally like a habit . the change in outlook would be a metamorphosis from within . meditate without making an effort ,that is proper meditation . that also means you have to have aware...ness at all times . Niranjan: Pl enroll into the basic course of the art of living where they teach you a Yogic Kriya called Sudarshana Kriya. At the end of doing this kriya, you will find yourself in a state of beautiful meditation. Its very deep and blissful. Worth every moment you spend in it. Try this, its amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etgd-6BxkUs&feature=player_embedded http://sudarshankriyaa.blogspot.com/ Kireet: How to tell that your meditation has gone well ? There is a thought and mood momentum which engulfs us before meditation. If that leaves us then meditation has gone well. If the repetitive lowly thought patterns of 15 minutes back evaporates... then meditation has gone well. If you forget the mood you were in and are recharged with something new. Shailendra: Honestly speaking, if you continue to expect something out of meditation then you have only relaxed and completed the task of repeating the mantra. Relax and let go. Meditate without any expectations. Your guru will guide you. Gregg: The people doing it 40 years are doing what you are doing. You can see their lifestyle and what they say as to any changes. God's grace has to descend then you see what you have. Human effort only goes so far. Harte: Dear student have you felt any changes in your attitude..Like growth of optimism,Bliss etc...? self confidence contentment etc.... Archana: if u feel better ,relaxed,light ,not tiered!not negative ,but +ve then ur meditation is proper . it reduces the rate of thoughts/mind becomes calm .u feel self sufficient. Yew: When you enter space of emptiness, your conscious do not feel the existence of your body and time. You feel unrestrained, comfortable, free,,,etc. After you return, you feel relax, fresh, light hearted,,,etc. The marvelous feeling is beyond word. Rishita: Meditation is the art of staying in this present moment. Guru Bala: First, have you been initiated or awakened by a guru; meditation cannot be learned through books or audio visual aids, seek the help of a Guru, he will guide you !

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  • The effects of meditation should affect all aspects of life. In meditation you should become more and more aware. Aware of the monkey mind, aware of increasing relaxation and peace, aware of growing awareness. This also applies to your mental state outside of meditation. But remember: a seed grows slowly, sometimes unnoticed. Just remember the saying used in India: making, making, made. Continued application is essential.

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    • Oh that's a really great reply Reddy. Thank you! I love that expression: making, making, made.
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