There are so many ways world wide to become a Yoga Teacher. I have taken a 4-week-intensive course with Yoga Vidya in Germany. I would be interested how others are becoming teachers. I am especially interested whether there is any form of government regulation for becoming a Yoga Teacher. (there is none in Germany).

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  • Good to follow the Law. Was Jesus or Sivananda certified, Mother Theresa certified. no, of course. I taught in a Men's prison and the inmates would bring the keys and open to door to the "Craft center." When you do your Sadhana there will no be any pediment to Teaching. Do your Sadhana as best you can and as Swami Vishnu said, "The bees will come to the honey when you put it out."
    Why not "Google" the laws and see what you need.?

    Gregg/ Gopal
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