I am reading a lot these days.What I want is some advice from you. Instead
of wandering in aggressive pursuit for 'n' numbers of postures, shall i
constraint myself to the postures which I learned in 6 days in 2004 in
swami sivananda ashram, Trivandrum India:Shoulderstand(+Halasana)+Bow(Dhanurasana)+Cobra+Ardh-Matasyasana+Pra...nayama(Anuloma Viloma+Kpalbhati)?
Here are some answers from our facebook friends - do you have anything to add?

Sita Chaitanya: Generally I agree with the comment that was posted that you need a yoga teacher, but I think you can get some guidance in this forum in the early stages of a practice. I know many people, some who later went on to become swamis, who started on their own at home with a book and found a teacher only later. I am not a swami, but this is also what happened to me. At least here you can ask questions, so I welcome them.

Harte, start small. Go little by little by little. If you learned some postures with a live teacher maybe it is better to work on perfecting some of those before adding on a whole bunch more. In the sivananda series there are only 12 basic postures. Technically you could do this forever and you have everything you need.

All the variations are just for building strength and flexibility in other muscles, and somewhat for relieving boredom by introducing some variation. You don't have to worry about doing many of those. 

There is a good review of the basic sivananda series with photos here: http://yoga108.org/pages/show/64 . You may be familiar with this. 

Harte: All your suggestion are very helpful.
I am asking you one very important question, I had mis placed sivananda manual of 12 basic Postures.... Which asana is very Helpful in conquering TAMAS(Lethargy,boredom,depression,fatigue)...
Is it BOW(Dh...anurasana) or anything Else...I think if those 12 basic postures practiced persistently, can do wonders to upcoming Life...
Cheers and Regards'
Harte Arbeit Erobert alles=Hard work conquers Everything.

Keerthana: good question. remember to do all rotation exercises and warm ups before doing any asana. you REALLY need training to do Yoga WITH BREATHING PROPERLY because if you do not breath properly and hold breaths, you are creating jerks and strains in your body. after warm ups, do all the asanas you know (do not rotate them, practice a set of asanas, DAILY) then practice SURYANAMASKARAM. and do not forget to do shavaasana finally. good luck.

Harte: Savasana is that Important...It is also known as corpse? 
Rotation Excercises?

In this article where is step 4 and 6...Missed or just wrongly Numbered?

Sita Chaitanya: savasana = corpse pose.
I don't remember why the photos of 4 and 6 are missing. All the steps are there in the numbering. 

Harte: Ok Thanks @ Yoga Vidya...
One more thing, can I use cushion where knee bending is involved because during my engineering life in 2004 I met a serious Bike accident, my knee skid with bike for 5-8 secs, there is always pain and weak left knee...??

Keerthana: you can use a small (very small) pillow AS a cushion only under the Painful knee.. but using a cushios is totally not good. practise knee rotations for your knees REGULARLY

Gregg: www.japanesemassage.net "exercise clips" Do exercise # 5 for the knees. It works every muscle.

Ekodas: You do not need to do any difficult asanas; simple, easy, comfortable asanas with Pranayam will keep you healthy and fit!

Gregg: Mr. Iyengar said," A good book was better than a bad teacher."
 Advanced people hold classic postures very long. Let them cook...

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