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How many times a week should I do yoga in order to make progress?
This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice?

Joseph: 3 times a week ^^,

Indahwati: Everyday

P.K.: Twice a day. Morning & evening.

Angela: Everyday is awesome, even if for just 15 minutes. I try to practice 5 days a week for at least an hour; it's what feels right for me.

Lucy: This is not defineable just as once you turn on a light all the darkness is dispelled....whatever time you can give be fully concentrated in it....that will bring fast progress....that is why it says in Patanjali yoga sutras that there are different types of practitioners some that move slowly, some medium paced and some fast. Giving time to yoga will bring progress, the amount of progress depends on how much you give not only physically but

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I like to do yoga twice a day too ,I also use yoga through out the day when I am feeling anxious ,

As often as you can. It's easier with the DIVE INTO YOGA APP: 'Try the Dive into Yoga' APP -iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch:


Doing yoga everyday is the best way to keep your mind and body fit. However, if you are too busy then at least practice it 4 times a week.


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