I am reading more articles about the pan card correction and changing the card. My pan card is getting some damages in number and my signature. It is not show for others. So i cannot use it for submitting as proof. I need to change that card and getting new card for me. I have open online website for making changes and collecting the new pan card. If you have get any experience like that. Please tell me the details and new information about that. My father is applying their business pan card in online. More types of documents are needed for applying business pan card.
Duplicate pan card online is possible for me. But i cannot get the steps for collecting that. Did you know about that means please tell me the details here? I am waiting for my new pan card. I am ready to submit the all types of proofs and required documents for making changes in card. I need pan card for collecting my salary from my bank accounts. I have approach the bank manager for taken some notes about the pan card. Some supports and assistances are getting from online. More types of applicants are waiting for the new pan card.
Some of applications are rejected due to not filling the required details, not including the required proofs, etc So what are the important field must be fill first. What are the documents are needed for changes in pan card and making corrections in pan card? List out here and i need the supportive application here. It must be easy to download and original information can be shared for me. I have accepted all terms and conditions for applying duplicate pan card. I am in here and looking for your reply. Submit your answer here

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