Yoga can help to develop muscle strength. Often Yoga is supposed to be good for flexibility, for coordination, for concentration, for relaxation. But you can also develop muscle strength.
Make sure you do postures which are demanding for your muscles. Hold them for about 10-30 seconds. Find out ways how you can make the postures more demanding for strength. Most important muscles to develop are:
- Thighs and buttocks through Vira Bhadrasana, Warrior Pose
- Abdominal Muscles through Navasana and abdominal exercises
- Back Muscles through Cobra, Locust and a host of other exercises
- Muscles of arms and shoulders through Dog's pose , crow and inclined plane
- Neck muscles through various neck exercises

Usually it is sufficient to practice muscle strength twice a week.

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  • Video: Surya Namaskar for muscle strength:

    Video: Navasana for strengthening the abdominal muscles:
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