Here is a good question for a new yoga practitioner: How do I find a competent yoga teacher? What do you advise?

Here is the answer from some of our Facebook friends - do you have any other suggestions to add?

Victoria: I think the best way to find a teacher is to try with several people until you find the kind of yoga and the kind of teacher you feel better... namaste

Shoumava: you can be your best teacher. First read good books on yoga(practical and philosophical both), follow proper rules of yoga always and then continue with it

Angele: Try different classes until you find that connection with the teacher and/or type of hatha - personal practice is great once established but class energy is so important to begin with....

Shirley: Choose the right step towards it and responsibility too. etc..

Saraswati: Ask them from what lineage they are teachin. If they answer Bob's yoga or just don't know, then it could mean they are not well schooled into the tradition of yoga and are just interested in the physical fitness aspect of the practice. As a practitionner you miss a lot when it's only about looking/feeling good.

Suguna: A yoga teacher must be able to activate the mind-body connection....involve our minds/spirituality as much as stressing the importance of breath into the practice. Without the above yoga is merely acrobatics . I have so far had only one teacher who has been able to do this , the other two merely made it feel like a "class"- a physical experience meant to be completed within a set time - this is the wrong approach to teaching Yoga .
The positive energy generated in the spiritual-physical class was so felt surreal and one truly feels energized (opening of the chakras perhaps?).- This ones for u Suzanne of Saigon Yoga !!

Erica: You don't hve to find a yoga teacher,just practice and be aware, the right yoga teacher will find you at the end.....:-) Enjoy yoga enjoy life !!!!!!

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