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It's one of the most asked questions by the yoga lovers. Many people want to go on yoga retreats but due to the tight budget, they postponed their plan for the future. I'm also one of them.

To take into consideration, Retreatkula, created a dedicated page for "affordable yoga retreats" that features the world's most affordable retreats to choose from.

Now, you can choose from an array of yoga retreats that fit in your budget and make your dream comes true instead of pushing it into the future.

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In today world there are so many institute or yoga school which provides yoga classes and yoga retreat in India. you can find an affordable yoga retreat by comparing the schools and their fee structure is the best way to find affordable yoga retreats in India. I also suggest one institute Sharada yoga peeth which is good in training as well as in retreat program. we ll provide all the courses at very reasonable price.
3 day Yoga retreat in India.
7-day yoga retreat in India


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