What is good to do to help focus my eyes in the morning after I wake up? This questions was asked, and answered, by some of our facebook readers. Maybe you have some other ideas?

there was a video in the web of yoga vidya with excersices for your eyes... very very good!!

Mei: rolling of the eyeballs before you start your practice as part of your warm up practice. or candle gazing at night will improve your eyesight and focus

Mita: even rub ur palm.......n then put ur hands on eye....n see wide open

Nitin: wash ur eyes from fresh water,rhen close it for some time and mediatate

Mita: yes one more.....as use pressure around ur eyes by pressing finger tips.... all round ur eyes..gently

Pradeep: To focus your eyes gently look at the spot between the two eyebrows .

Shirley: practise the inverted poses,can feel able.

Fox: Two points opposite, four points cross, six points star, eight points scroll, twelve points rotational. Picking points at the edge of your field of vision, move your gaze within a comfortable but engaging range of motion, meeting your points and breathing deeply to the abdomen, you could even breathe with each individual eye movement, for some kindling pranayama action, preparing yoru for more practice.

Praveena: netrasnan using eyecup in the morning everyday is excellent for eyes.people having eye problem or any eye operation must not do it.

Susan: tratak is great. look up then down -- as far as you can several times. then go clockwise and counterclockwise as you imagine the clock from 12 to 1 to 2 and so on. great of peripheral vision

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