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I have dark patches due to hyper pigmentation (on upper and lower layer of skin) on my face, neck, hands... doctors say, it is not curable... and they say my skin is sensitive to rays of computer, bulb, tube light.... I do yoga since 6-7 years.. not regularly but frequently... drinking lots of water is very difficult..... i take only home made veg food.... please suggest yoga or other way to cure this problem..

Chetankumar: A diet including milk and dairy products,
will help stabalise ur pigments.
Kapalbhati and Sarvangasana will help boosts ur skin's immune power,
Main prob seems to be in Acid-Alkali (Shiv -Parvati)co-ordination,
Amla ,Chyawanprash are a must in ...these cases,
triphala churn (products) can help controlling it and arresting it.
Rest is with God grace .
All da best.

Archana: try to drink warm water+a dash of lemon and salt in the early morning 1st as much as u can ,do kapalbhati pranayam ,and if u have lot of stressfull mind then try some laughter yoga.90%problems r psychosomatic.before sleeping pray god to take all ur burden and help u .

Chetankumar: You r welcome.
In fact, I am thankful for your effort to make a platform for everyone to seek help on health probs and also share Yoga knowledge.
Share more knowledge to enhance it -Vedas
We r all kids of same Father ,
So many of us are Doctors...,Engineers,Artist,Players etc. ..but still unhappy on something in life as we r not perfect in everyfield.
These kind of platforms do bridge this partial inefficiencies .
Thanks again.

Nitin: Try "mulatani mitti" on your face daily twice for 15 minutes, triphala churan+ chywanprash(astwarg) if available if u r in india u must look "swamala"chywanprash+swayambhoo guggul, rest on god.
And yes + shatavari churn

Ramesh: eat white coloured food more

Julia: Dark patches called pigmentation ie slowin of melanin functions, due to liver sluggish. Advise 2 do liver detox

Sunil: yes,u treat first liver r completely healthy nd do pranayam not asana just like bhastrica,kapalbhati,anulom- vilom,ujjayi,udgit every pranayam do 10minutes minimium Thanks

Gayathre: use sunscreen 3 times a day

Deborah: Eat more white food??? Honestly people...some of the things I'm reading on here are ridiculous. Dark pigmentation is also partly due to genetics...sun exposure..etc...administering liver detoxes will not alleviate dark skin.. My god. And 90 % of problems are not psychosychomatic....where does that statistic come make that kind of statement should be accompanied with the scientific proof it took to reach that conclusion.

Raashmi: my sincere thanks to everybody who has replied here. my mummy alsio have pigmentation problem. she was very beautiful n fair. but due to hot temprature of rajasthan and bcoz she has not done anything to reduce this, she is having very dark... color now a days. even her skin which is exposed to sun, is becoming radish these days and eaching a lot. due to this she is having swelling all over her body. she is taking doctors treatment but that is not very effective. that is why i want to do something to cure my pigmentation. let me know solution for my mother too if you have any. i consulted doctor. doctor is saying, my harmons behave abnormally with my skin when my exposed to any rays. he suggested to apply sunscream so that it doesnt increase. but i want to get same color n skin which i was having 8-9 years back. since i come out of my home for studies, this problem was increasing day by day. these days i regularly apply sunscreem since last 3-4 years. now it doesnt increase if i take care of my skin daily. but patches r still there. :(..

Catherine: I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but: Fair does not = beautiful. Please enjoy and love the skin you're in. I am fair coloured and love my indian husband's lovely dark complexion. Appreciate your heritage and the differences and similaries that you see in your fellow man. How can fairness be a road to happiness?? I think if this is a priotrity you are not a very happy person.

Raashmi: fairness is not my priority... and i know fairness is not at all related to beauty... the features, color GOD has given me, i was happy with that.. but due to my lack of care i am having skin problem now. now getting a skin without patches my need.. even i am happy with this patched skin also... tension come when people reject you due to your skin problem... 1,2 or but many have rejected me because of this... and my skin is not like this since my birth... but it is since few years... if my efforts can given me a patch free skin then i should do those efforts... also, as i mentioned problem of my mother... i dont want to be in her situation where her lil pigmentation problem increased in radish, swollen, dark skin... it is very hard for her to bear this itching.

Catherine: OK Raashmi, I got you. I guess I was talking more to the many Indians I know who prize fairness above their own natural colour. If there are HEALTH issues, then yes, I agree that some yoga efforts or dietary changes may help.

Liesja: homeopathy

Nitin: Rashmi u must go to any homeopathic or ayurvedic vaid do not go ayurvedic doctor vaid hv better knowledge than ayurvedic doctor vaid or who has degree of ayurvedacharya

Raashmi: thx again to everybody for your valuable suggestions. i will take milk products n will do the yoga processes mentioned above. Nitin, surely i will visit a ayurvedic vaid...

Shoumava: Homeopathy may help

Maria: It´s possible to be taken out by burning with frozen oxigen( the dark patches). After a week your skin will be clear. A dermatologist does that- I was the same way. When it´s deeply installed in your skin is the most immediate cure. Then you have all the ways to take care like our friends have told you above.

Nadine: Raashmi, you need to get a diagnosis on what is causing the patches. Melasma (due to pregnancy hormones & birth control pills) is one cause - staying out of the sun is essential when comes to hormone induced marks on the skin. Always use a... high factor SPF & wear a hat. Wear make-up/foundation/base if this is acceptable. It creates another physical barrier to the sun. I had melasma in my 20s due to the pill & with consistent sun protection (& stopping the hormone contraceptive) it eventually faded away. But it comes back (slightly) even now, if it gets very hot & I don't use SPF, more than 20 years later.
It doesn't sound like your mother has melasma. I've never heard of someone swelling & itching with it. She could have some form of allergy or skin sensitivity due to food, drink or skin creams or medications. It could be contact dermatitis or ecszema. She could also be experiencing perimenopause (from + - 35 years old till her period stops) which could lead to skin itching symptoms etc. Certain medications can make skin photo-sensitive to the sun. Also some aromatherapy essential oils are contra-indicated for sun exposure, such as the citrus oils. Certainly see someone experienced in skin problems for a proper diagnosis & an ayurvedic practioner would be able to advise you as well. People with unbalanced hormones can sometimes have a sluggish liver (your liver processes spent hormones) so it would perhaps be a good idea to do a detox, with the assistance of a medical practioner. Yoga will certainly help you cope better with the negative feelings & attitudes of others. Good luck to you. Namaste.

Sita: Nadine, great answer.

Raashmi: thx Nadine, shoumana and Maria for your suggestions. These would surely useful.

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