How to do yoga without breaking? After few months i'm skipping, even though I am aware about the benefits of yoga? Your comments appreciated. Thanks in advance. This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice? Jaymie: Do you enjoy yoga, I mean really enjoy how it makes you feel? Diligence would be doing it because you enjoy it. One way to continue doing it is to know you are worth being able to enjoy things that bring you joy! Alicia: As with any other activity is a matter of self discipline. After a while your body will ask for it! So will your mind. Zak: Find a pose you love to it everyday, the rest will follow. Sita Chaitanya: It all comes down to willpower and priorities. Praveena: Yoga is not only about asanas but majorly,one has to learn the philosophy part of it.once you do that then yoga automatically becomes a part of life. Chetankumar: If at all U had a break in Yoga, U need to start slowly but yet u can accelarate quickly Go for less number of repetitions on any asanas But do try all assanas ,on each days,which U r trying to focus upon in coming days Thiyagarajan: Thanks for your suggestion Chetan. Even I experienced due to my official work if it breaks 2-3 days, I use to start slowly ... I use to tell myself miles to go to achieve .....

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