Can you please suggest some asanas to reduce hours of sleep.I sleep too much,Whatever worries I have in life despite of that sleep is very natural minimum 8 hour, but I am loosing time to Live and to accomplish...

Some of our facebook friends had this to say - what do you recommend?

Yasmine: I really havent heard of such asanas.All i can understand is that,excess sleep comes from lethargy or tamsic quality ina human being.Eating slightly energetic food,or satvic yogic food will change the stva quality ina person.include organic fruits n veggies,roasted nuts,will bring in yogic diet in ur food and some energy

Hossam: Read about to suggest perhaps the solution is

Sidnei: Hummm... tht's hard! I'm not sure there are any...
You see, sleeping is the natural way our body recovers and rests... so we'd do some asanas to interfere in this good, healthy process?!

Jake: I find you may be less flexable in the morning, but a few good Sun Sals will get the blood flowing and help energize you when you wake up. Listen to your body, friend, it knows what it needs better than any thing else. Namaste.

Sita: I don't know, I think yoga is the "cure" to both good sleep and less sleep. If you do a regular practice of meditation, asanas, and pranayama, and eat a yogic diet, not only will you sleep well, eventually the number of hours you sleep will be less. If you notice, advanced yogis tend to sleep very little, they have tons of energy, and the few hours of sleep they get leaves them refreshed. The same is for everyone else, although you have to practice consistently for a long time - it doesn't happen overnight.

Palomaxya: Rest is needed to renew the energy ...

Sidnei: Veryyyy good point!!!! If the 'excessive sleep' is caused by some kind of imbalance, a general practice of yoga would reeeally be helpful... my point is, is there any specific asana for this?!

Victoria: not only to renew our energy, but also to rehydrate the soft inside of our bones and the membranes that line our joints (sorry dont know how to say it better in english).

Sita: Generally I don't think it's a good idea to hand out asanas like prescriptions, meaning do this asana for this reason, however, in some cases it may be ok for certain health issues. I think for this a well rounded practice of inversions, backbends, forward bends, twists, etc. is the best way, along with some pranayama. The asanas remove the blockages and the pranayama brings in the prana and that's where the energy comes from. Then you do the meditation so you can deal with all the emotional stuff that comes out from the asanas, and eat a yogic diet so you are not introducing blockages in the nadis with the food - this means eliminating onions, garlic, meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, tamasic food, rajasic food, etc. Easier said than done, all this, but if you want to be a yogi that's the way...

Lau: just stop the clock then you have all the time you want lol..

Janet: Maybe you could look at your diet, some people respond to sugar and caffeine by becoming lethargic and over sleep. Maybe look into that.

Praveena: Doing jal neti in the morning followed by kapalbhatti and regular asanas keep you feeling fresh all day long.

Harte: Actually my inner self has determination to wake up, but body is so lethargic i sleep as if i have consumed some drug, which i dont..

Natasha: its called Yoga Nidra . There is a way to sleep or steps to go to sleep every night and you would need only 4-6 hours daily ..depending upon your age . As you grow older you find that you would need relatively less sleep .
YOGA asanas is only less than one percent of the YOGA way . The asanas are to toughen the body for practices which are more difficult .
note : ASANAS are not exercises as most westerners practice them as and they should be practiced exactly including the breathing techniques .. When you are supposed to inhale do not exhale its harmful . EVERYONE does need a PRACTITIONER TO GUIDE in the proper way , a book is good of course ..
POSTURE BREATHING are very important in an asana .

Keerthana: i think you go to bed really late. and what do you eat for dinner? i am sure you eat it late and a lot!

Ramesh: Yoga and Ayurved was taught by my parents for spiritual upliftment and for long life.You get very high energy level to perform various functions in life.Right thinking,proper diet,herbs and asanas do help us a lot.Free guidance on phone cell 09819140743-09819134791 Mumbaikar.

Shammi: I do not think you are actually fast asleep for a longer duration as you are mentioning but after certain number of hours, u are sort of conscious/aware of surroundings. What may take you long is not the sleep but getting out of the bed as I have seen this with many people. Apart from proper diet, right thinking, eating 2-3 hours before retiring and sleeping and waking up at the same time everyday, make up your mind to leave the bed once you are up and you feel you have got sufficient hours of sleep

David: This might be from a more parasympathetic nervous system balance. A regular practice with an emphasis on standing poses and backbends might be helpful.

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