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I have a sense of inner fear in me that makes me insecure and grows 
bigger whenever I am under pressure or have a lot of workload... As a 
result I loose co-ordination and speed to do the work... I dnt know the 
reason for that inner fear but it takes control of me in pressure 
...situations... How can I tackle this problem... Plz help... Thanks

Some of our facebook friends offered these suggestions - what do you think?

Trisha: I suggest that Ishan consult with an Ayurvedic Practitioner in their area. This is definitely something that they could help with! Please also realize your connection to the Divine, have faith, go to Kirtans. Namaste.

Teona: Pranayam would help a lot in increasing self-assurance and eliminating any inner fear. Please, practice it on a daily basis.

Shobhana: I do agree with Trisha and Teona. Ishan is suffering from Anxiety. You need to completely stop intake of caffeine ( both tea and coffee) Practice Prayanams and Sudarshan Kriya.

Hesham: Hi Ishan, you need to figure out how that inner fear has happened. firstly, you need to know exatly the dynamics, i.e. what are the series of thoughts or actions necessary to trigger that inner insecurity?
Aecondly, you need to "hack" your s...ystem in order to either correct those thoughts or avoid those actions.
In ordedr to do that, you need to meditate as long as you can until your mind notice the sequence, perceive the pattern, and start to resolve the issue.
Probably, there is certain train of thoughts that haunt your mind because of external stimuli and results in that state of insecurity.
Overload, hypoglacimia, and aggression from others maybe stimuli.
A very easy move to handle that inner fear is to eat biscuits as soon as you feel it, or to change your setting, e.g. leave the office for 10 minutes or so, or end a stressful situation, i.e., end a discussion.
Eating chocolate, sweet chocolate not black chocolate, would help.

Maria: Yoga and meditation helped me a lot- I used to feel like that- Doctor told me it was "stress" and it was producing me that strange and new feeling. Chocolate that our friend Hesham Akkad told you above, helped me too. But if I start eating chocolate I have to be very strong to stop it- So I combined Yoga and Chocolate- I worked a lot this year- too much-

Hesham: On the other hand, chocolate, bar or drink, causes a sudden positive change of mood, that doesn't last for long, in addition, chocolate adds much calories, and consumes much insulin. Secretion of much insulin exhausts the body.
Based on my e...xperience, I would recommend chocolate for particular situations where stress or psychosomatic disorders are strong, while including sweet biscuits for everyday use.
It is a good idea to keep a bar of chocolate in your bag, and your office for very stressful situations. A pack of biscuits in your drawers is very useful too.
In case a sudden stress in a shopping mall, a hot chocolate cup in a cafe is a good idea that will change your mood completely.
Also, leaving office after a stressful situation to a nearby supermarket to buy biscuits and eat it on the way back to office is a useful hint.

Sita Chaitanya: Dark chocolate, at least 70%, is good for you. It's the milk chocolate that's the problem.

Maria: I live in Uruguay and here, in my country,and specially where I live, it´s very difficult to get natural things but not impossible. I´ll see if I can get that almost pure chococale.

Guru Bala: Meditation can help you to solve your problem !

Trisha: Chocolate is great . . . and perhaps you could try the Bach formula called Rescue Remedy. However, please note that these do not address the root cause of what is troubling you and will only provide temporary relief

Natasha: meditation always helps . So does pranayams .
... but your problems are basically mental only . or psychological . Yu are seeing ghosts where none exist .

Niranjan: You HAVE to do the Sudarshana Kriya. Please enroll into the Basic Course of the Art of Living. It will help you immensely in developing deeper awareness of your SELF

Amit: Satsang-company of right-minded people.

Hesham: Dark chocolate 70% is useful in the sense that it is an anti oxidant and anti cancer; however, it doesn't elevate the mood. In contrast, it causes drop in blood pressure and a subsequent negative mood.
Chocolate milk, or hot chocolate drink,... improves the mood but temporairly. Meditation is the golden cure.

Archana: i cant predict ur age ? but it happens with every body .when it happens sit on one place ,take deeeep breath and concentrate on ur breathing .find out what i m afraid of? why and where i m running ?u have to resolve these things ur selves[....our requirements for our existance/servival r very few at any time if u can earn that much its ok slowly slowly u have to move ahead step by step] be honest to ur elf.ys cocoa ,chocolate s ,coffee, tea can bring temporary elevatio to friend /go and play /do some work at home ? i use to neat a corner when i use to feel so ?use to iron every bodies cloth 4m my house.can add me as friend 4 guidance if u req?

Kireet: I would ditto Niranjan Prabhu's comment. Enroll yourself into the Basic course of AOL and do Sudarshan Kriya daily. Your fears, insecurity and depression(if any) will vanish in a months time.

Jelila: Deep subconscious fears are the root cause of such stress. These are thoughts that run on a deep level, but that we are not consciously aware we just thought. However, we still feel the pain of our reaction to the thought, and suffer beca...use of it. Because our beliefs are stored separately in each of 4 identities we all have, when you shift identity (by meditating, or eating, or moving) you can move out of the part of the self that has the problem, which is a workaround, temporarily resolving the problem. If you want a permanent solution, you need to release the underlying subconscious belief that is causing you to suffer. I have developed a unique and effective way of finding and releasing such beliefs, which is based on computer (Boolean) logic. I call it 'The Reprogramming', it has taken 10 years of intense work and research to develop. It has helped hundreds of people like yourself. You can read about it and see a demonstration, if you like, here:

Shailendra: One can not evade or dodge fear. You have to confront it.
When you feel nervous, just ask, "What is my worst fear?"
Let the answer come to surface. Imagine that the worst has already happened. And watch your reaction like a witness.
Jai Gurude...v

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Krishnaraja- Inner fears, Insecurities,Anxiety,Anger etc.. are all negative response patterns for demanding situations.First you should understand what is Stress. Stress can be defined as "pattern of response" to "demanding situations." Please note that the Response is the Stress and not the Demands.Pattern of response(Stress) is genetically determined. That is why different persons will have different level of Stress to the same demanding situations.For some persons like you pattern of response will evoke negative emotions such as Fear,Anxiety,Tension,Worry etc..

By practicing Yoga techniques for Stress Management regularly you will change your response pattern (STRESS LEVEL)
differently which will evoke POSITIVE EMOTIONS such as Confidence, Boldness, Calm,Love,Compassion etc....

So you have to practice,Relaxation Techniques,Breathing Techniques,Cyclic Meditation which involves different Postures in slow motion etc ..which will change your Response patterns(Stress Levels) and thereby change your Personality at Physical level,Mental Level, Intellectual Level, Emotional Level and Spiritual Level. For further details you can visit my Website You can also contact me. Wish you a happy Yogaway of life


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