• Namaste,
    I just happened to see u r discussion related Ur problem of sweat on palms when u get tensed. Below i offer My humble opinion on this.
    when a person becomes emotional, some Hormonal/chemical changes take place within his /her body.The changes are initiated in the brain and diffused to the entire body by means of nerves & Hormones. for example, u can notice some people's face flushes(become reddish) when they become angry or when they feel shy(especially on ladies).Likewise sweating palms also one phenomena of hormonal changes.The main hormone involves is Adrenalin which when released in increased amount it causes rise of heart rate, respiratory rate and so on.It also increases blood flow to the sweat glands in the skin, thus increases sweating especially on palms. Some peoples are more sensitive to these hormonal changes. So u need not worry about this.Ur problem can be solved easily through meditation which when practiced regularly calm down u r mind & these unwanted Hormonal activities.

    Best wishes- K.Sakthidasan.
    • Sir,

      Thank you very much for the advise. i am goiing to learn meditation.
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