I would like to share an unknown enlightened mystic -  Elijah Crow – The Silence of The Mind, have just finished translating his book

Elijah Crow does not belong to any nonduality lineage or tradition, his is a personal expression and experience of nonduality.

Read the whole book here



              The Power of Emptiness

The “void” or “ psychological emptiness” is a strange 
It appears spontaneously, in the pause between two 
As the old thought ends its course and disappears, 
Its end is the gate, natural silence ensues. 

Insist in being with it, as much as you can, 
The mind is completely silent, we are attentive – a clear 
All meanings, boundaries disappear – us and the Infinite  
  are “One”;
Practically, we have a new mind – always fresh.

           Being in the pause – I become infinite!
It separates two worlds. I leave the limited world
And enter Boundlessness, through total melting;
The whole being is calm – a constant sparkle.

There is no time, no space – just everlasting Eternity;
I move in direct contact with life, in a permanent present.
  I am Pure Energy, without motivations, 
The simplicity of existence integrates us completely.

We really encounter Life only through this “now”,
Free from the old, we are able to embrace the new.
All this beauty vanishes, when another thought appears, 
It comes from the knowing mind – an old recording.
Let it play its game, do not oppose any resistance, 
Encounter it as it is, without any purpose, 
It will certainly disappear, and “emptiness” ensues again, 
Another opportunity to encounter it practically. 

We find the real meaning of Life through this “void”,
It is a boundary line between the two worlds:
On the one side the limited, where the “ego” is the 
On the other, the Infinite, where Love is the master.
Emptiness also separates Light from the darkness, 
The permanent chaos through struggle, contradictions and 
From the harmonious being, equilibrium and joy;
The whole egocentrism perishes, by encountering the 
Peace, divine order becomes our nature 
It changes our way of being, without effort or will,
Only through this psychological void, we become honest 
  and humane, 
The Purity of the Energy – makes titans out of pigmies .

Let this “psychological emptiness” be your guide, 
In everything you encounter on your spiritual path.
If it is not the starting point, we easily get deceived, 
Only through emptiness – we become Love!

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