One of our facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies - do you have any other advice besides the following?
What are the implications of doing Sun Salutations and Other Asanas in the evenings instead of in the mornings??? I always feel so relaxed and sleepy at work in the mornings...

Daniel: have a good bath ..before going at work...I guess it will help
Annapoorna: Its not a problem until you do it on an empty stomach.You do get results,only the more spiritual and holistic benefits are lost.But its fine,I always do them in the afternoons because my body is more flexible then.

Judith: As long as you dont eat first its your choice, though a few Sun Salutations at least in the morning stretch the body and help to avoid muscle injury, and are the best start to a day :)

Srinivasan: Morning stretch is the best. but the muscles are all so stiff. A mild warm up will help to make the best out of it.

Shoumava: In the morning the body is difficult to stretch as the joints are not loose as well as you have an empty stomach hence the asanas are not so easy to do and any asana done in the morning has maximum results. But it is also fine to do it in the evening at an empty stomach if you have lesser time but the results should not be expected faster

Mita: certain things....are told to do bec to get better results......n we all finout option adjustment as per our timing which is good....but to get the same result is unfair its better to think positive ,,,feel happy n decide wt wo...uld be better 4 u.......
Above all comments agreeeeeeeee..

Hem: Doing your yogic practices in the morning fills you with energy, positivity and a good feeling of achievement that takes you through the can even be more productive... In the evening it helps to unwind, release the stress , tensions accumulated during the day...also from the physical point of view- you are more flexible in the evenings... :) so either time is good depending on your need...

Judy: Yep. Doing yoga workout in the monings for me, energises me and if I do the workout in the evenings, give me a chance to unwind and de-stress....

Silvia: I do my practices by night, I prefer to finish the day in an excellent mood!

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