Shoumav asked: one thing i am very confused about. What is the importance of vegeterianism in yoga. I keep switching from vegeterianism to non vegeterianism. As no veg food can help us to become muscular and maintain bulk but when i follow vegeterianism i find my body quiet light and soft. Can anyone help really based on experiences?

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  • Shoumav said: ok thanx again i will think about it destroy tamsicism. but still it confuses me.. ha ha.. i am still a nonvegeterian
  • Dana added: Thanks to you and others that I learn something too. I always been interested in nutrition . But I'm not a 100% vegetarian. 5 times a week I go to gym for courses ...what I love ! But after that , I'm very hungry , so..the wolf in me spoke....meat, meat...and I feel like having a bloody steak....from time to time... it makes me feel much stronger... See More... I eat a lot of soy beans , tofu , spinach , nuts , salmon , tuna..but despite this hard to stop me from eating meat... So ..yes , in the end it is up to us to decide..
  • Fred said: I heard somewhere that winged beans are high in n xcellent source of protein for vegetarians
  • Yoga Vidya (English) said: There are a few vegetarian body builders as well - in fact it is more healthy. By eating soya products, lentils etc. you get plenty of proteins - enough to get strong muscles. But without the problems of feeling stiff, heavy - and the problems for kidneys, joints, circulatory system etc. Lots of Infos on Vegan Bodybuilding on - and of course vegetarians can do any other sport as well.
  • Sita Ch. answered: Most people would say it is better to be vegetarian. I know from personal experience that I feel lighter and better when I don't eat meat, onions, or garlic, and that I am less tamasic and my yoga practice goes better.

    The purpose of it, besides ahimsa, is to purify the nadis. Animal flesh and onions and garlic clog them up. Purer nadis is one ... See Morereason you feel lighter on a yogic diet.

    Also, one of the yogic principles is that a healthy body is one that functions well - all the organs working as they are supposed to in harmony. The physical culture promotes bulk and muscularity. The yogic culture does not necessarily.

    On the other hand, if you feel sicker not eating meat, then perhaps maybe just consider not eating red meat. There are a lot of toxins in animal flesh that is mass produced by the meat industry. I think, although I am not 100% positive, the Dalai Lama eats meat because he feels better. So in the end it is up to you to experiment and decide.
  • Dana said: You are not alone .. I have the same problem , but I know one guy Brendan Brazier is one of only a few athletes in the world whose diet is 100percent plant-based! If you want.....Read his latest book Trive Fitness or visit
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