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Om Namah Sivaya

I have finished my writing project after several years and it is in the hands of an editor. My attention has turned to a second writing project for which I have a tentative outline. Your input in the form of your responses to the following three questions could help shape the manuscript:

1. What is/are the purpose(s) of religion?
2. How does religion meet that/those purpose(s)?
3. Which aspects of religion puzzle you (or your students) so that you/they would like learn
more about them? Alternatively, you could comment on which objections to
religion need to be addressed.

Length of responses can vary but please do not over think them. Your immediate reactions would be valuable.  Your responses can be as short as one sentence covering each question or you could take up to a page to complete all of them.

There are no right or wrong answers here. Your responses will remain with me and will not be published or attributed to you.  You can respond here or at

Om and Prem

Sankara (Ottawa)

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