hi, is it ok or safe for someone who has vertigo to do yoga? One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several replies - what would you advise? Arya: IT IS OK SIS, the fact is yoga asanas will release & cure the vertigo, just do it correctly! Trias: thx! finally someone answer :) Mita: anything in limit...under yoga teacher training is fiine...it helps more fast to heal...try reiki also Inne: My neurolog suggest me doing yoga for the balance of neuro at the head.. Sarala: VERTIGO.,,IS RELATED WITH NEOROLOGICAL PROBLEM. BETTER NOT TO DO!! Sita Chaitanya: There can be lots of causes of vertigo, from something as simple as an inner ear infection to much more serious diseases. It would be good to have a correct diagnosis to know whether yoga would help or hurt this. It depends on why you have vertigo. Irene: Depends which postures you do, I would avoid levitating. LOL :-) Jenny: thanks for sharing, recently had an experience on vertigo while on overseas travelling trip! shall check with Yoga Master which postures to avoid Sita Chaitanya: I had vertigo a couple times after flying during headstand. It went away on it's own after a couple days. Hnight: f you feel that kind problem then try to be comfortable first *_* so, leave it for current time do after some time :) other wise its not good for your health & you can feel irritation too... Sushant: pranayam is very good for vertigo... especially anulom-vilom H Lucy: In pranayama it is most important to hold out the breath with the three bandhs to exclude the impuruities from the system that are causing the vertigo. Holding in the breath can be harmful. Try and remeber om or gayatri mantra whilst doing the practise if you don't have a guru mantra.

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