Since I wrote in my blog about the niyama of "ishwara-pranidhana", I thought I'd start a discussion about surrendering your ego without letting people take advantage of you.

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  • The Sanskrit word “ahamkara” has quite a different meaning from the concept of “ego” in Western psychology. Ahamkara is your sense of self, your “I-ness”, your persona and sense of being a separate entity. Through surrender, you can develop the ability to react from a place beyond your individual ego; this means that you are often able to touch others on a far deeper level. You would be as much incapable of taking unfair advantage of them as you would let them take advantage of you.

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  • OM

    I think this is an important question - as many people seem to confuse low self esteem with being humble. In order to surrender the ego, it must first be strengthened and purified.
  • Sita, you are TOTALLY CORRECT...!
    This mortal wold is an ILLUSIONARY entity only for those of us who are truly self-realised and for rest of us mortals it indeed is very much a reality............! The same holds true as regards the question of the HUMAN EGO..........!
  • Interesting question.

    For the self-realized yogis, saints, etc. you can take this all the way to the concept of all is one, therefore, there is no ego, and who is there to take advantage of whom?

    For the rest of us, even those of humble egos must draw their line in the sand at some point and everybody has a limit.
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