Is meditation dangerous?

I have heard that meditation can be dangerous. Is that true? One of our Facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies. Do you have anything to add to this? Bobby: as dangerous as breathing Claire: I believe that meditation frees your mind, body and spirit. Is freedom dangerous ? Agus: In my opinion isn't true. I always do meditation and it makes me fresh my mind, etc n meditation can make ur mind n health more better. Clara: It may be considered dangerous to some who don't want to face their own emotional baggage. But overall, it is a good way to move on this and live to be your authentic self. Zu: I love yoga n meditation..they make me relax n think positively Anusha: Yes, without proper guidance it is dangerous. When i was a teen i tried meditation once at home in front of a lamp. I went too deep into it and people around me were calling me and i couldn't respond. I couldn't feel my body and i though...t i was dead. I didn't know how to put my soul into my body. I couldn't move my arms and legs. I became conscious after maybe 1 minute. Went to a person who does meditation regularly and told him about the incident. Then according to his advice I learnt it properly and now i can come out that stage at ease.

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  • Dangerous for anxious, depressed people?... Maybe there are some other ways people usually do meditation, but instead of doing anything, stop thinking altogether and don't focus on anything. Including not focusing on not focusing. Learn more about this here Free Online Meditations Audio

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  • As per my knowledge the Meditation is great for relaxing the stressful body and calm the mind. Ask a yoga expert about meditation and you will surely clear all your doubts about meditation.

  • No meditation is not dangerous in fact it is beneficial for mental health.It increases focusing power.

  • I feel meditation is must in today's world.We are just running here and there for happiness but its just inside.we achieve it only through meditation. Hari Om,,,,,,
    • Dear Mitali,

      Yes dear through meditation one can realize the fact and gain the divine knowledge which brings endless happiness in life but before attempting one must follow and behave according to the initial six important guidelines Yama, Niyama, Asana, Paranayama, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyan and Samadhi because on the basis of these one could be able to reach the state of meditation.

      I doubt without pure conduct and LOVE one can reach to the meditation.

      With LOVE,
      Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

  • Meditation can help you cope with the external “noise” that clogs up your day. Juggling the needs of your job and your family, and everything else that comes with being an adult, can be overwhelming. By meditating, you can slow down and find it easier to focus on what’s most important.

    Meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mental clarity. If you are stressed about your job or a difficult decision in your life, meditation can help you get to the root of the issue and make calm, rational decisions.

    Meditation can foster creativity and productivity by helping you think more deeply and come up with new, creative ideas and solutions to problems. Once you are in a meditative state, and you can focus clearly without distraction, you may find that your mind goes to new places that you didn’t expect. It’s like finding a brilliant, unused corner of your brain!

    • Dear Angela Ditch,


      Yes the whole words you mentioned above are very true yet one thing which is most important and that is Meditation helps for SELF-REALIZATION through that one can know about self correctly and receive divine knowledge as well.

      Dear Angela you are scholar of divine knowledge and thus request you to upload your own profile photo so that people can know you by your appearance also. I hope it will not hurt you. I do also expect some thing extra from you to let us know what you gain spiritually in meditation.

      With LOVE,
      Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

  • All things in life can be dangerous , I ride in an automobile but I hope the driver knows how to drive
    Cheers and peace
    • It has become a fantasy to practice yoga as only the postures.Yes when you start doing meditation lots & lots of thoughts pour in & to control these thoughts one has to have the guidance of a guru.
      Just by closing your eyes for a specific period will not do any good but entering into the no thought zone is important which only your guru can help you out.
      Yes it is true....Too much is too bad.Sometimes as a human being we try too many things as we have the exploring nature & we try too much for nothing.So if one has the determination to achieve a better mind & better health he/she has to dedicate themselves to this art with pure heart & there is no danger whatsoever in doing meditation,but in turn they reap the benefit which they have not noticed before.So,my friend go ahead & find out a teacher who would rid you of this fear.

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